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About Us
A liitle shop in the Center of Corfu Town with a big history behind - The Durrell Spot. You re going to find a big collection of books, all kind of information and details, souvenirs, postcards and unique, handmade gifts connected to the Durrell family who famously found a home here. Share your happy memories when you are back home... Our second gift shop is located in The White House reception office in Kalami Bay.
Our Store
Agias Sofias 11, Corfu Town
Both gift shops stock a wide range of books, about the Durrells and written by the Durrells, including “Prospero’s Cell” and “My Family and Other Animals”, both set in glorious Corfu. We also have some rare books that are difficult to find and books in various languages.

At The Durrell Spot, you can also book trips to The White House and our famous restaurant, organise car and boat transfers or arrange to go on a Walking Tour or Boat Tour. It’s our one-stop Durrell shop! Disclaimer: The Durrell Spot is not related to, or connected with or endorsed by Sid Gentle Film Limited or its television production "The Durrells". We are a proud Greek company with our own personal connection to the Durrell family’s life in Corfu.
Our history

The White House Holiday Experience is about literary history, Greek island hospitality and fresh seafood.The White House in Kalami is best known as the former residence of British author, Lawrence Durrell. Lawrence lived here in the 1930’s with his wife, Nancy. Their Kalami home, was regularly visited by his family including, a young Gerald Durrell who later became a leading conservationist and popular author. The White House has been owned by the Atheneos family for generations and we are proud of our close personal relationship with the Durrells. Our family will look after you too, on own your memorable holiday experience. The Durrells’ descriptions of Kalami Bay and Corfu have captured the hearts and the imaginations of many visitors, giving a special identity to this part of Corfu – an island Gerald Durrell referred to throughout his life as “paradise”.Your own unique holiday experience can also unfold in this small waterfront village of Kalami, set on the north-east coast of the island of Corfu, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.Brilliant blues and emerald greens welcome visitors to one of the most picturesque and charming bays in the Mediterranean. Days here are spent leisurely gazing at the ever-changing blue horizon, soaking up the warm sunshine or swimming in the tranquil waters. And what could be more perfect than the taste of the local catch, freshly caught by our own fishing boats?

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