Historical Walking tour “The Durrell’s in Town”
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Historical Walking tour “The Durrell’s in Town”



Our walking tour of Corfu starts at the Durrells spot at the center of Corfu.

We will stop for a while at the Town Hall square with the theatre of San Giacomo a Baroque Renaissance building of the early 18th cent.

Then we will proceed to the Esplanade square, with the most important monuments of Corfu town.

The Liston buildings are decorated with French arcades. The place is reminiscent of Rui De Rivoli in Paris.

The old Byzantine fortress of Corfu was built in the 6th cent ΑD and it was reinforced in the years of Venetian rule. The citadel of Corfu stood between the imposing rocks of the promotory and for many centuries the fortress protected Corfu from attacks.

The Bosketo garden enjoys views of the fortress and this lovely place is dedicated to the famed authors Lawrence and Gerald Durrell.

The palace of St. George and St. Michael was built in the years of the British protectorate. It is an elegant regency style building with an ionic peristyle.

The church of St. Spyridon is the most venerated church on the island. Inside the church there is a small crypt and the relic of St. Spyridon is laid within a silver gilt ebony casket.

The Campielo area is the oldest most authentic part of Corfu. We’ll pass through narrow alleys with Italianate houses, shady squares and picturesque churches.

In a short distance is situated the new fortress of Corfu. It was built in the 16th. cent, an impressive example of Italian defensive architecture. The area around the fortress is very charming with the Tenedos church, the traditional old houses and the Jewish neighborhood.

You will have leisure time after our guided tour.


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