The Greek Islands – L.D.



The Greek Islands – L.D.




As every reader of Durrell knows, his writing is steeped in the living experience of the Mediterranean, and especially the islands of Greece.

This captivating and highly unusual text, originally conceived as a picture book and now reset in paperback format, weaves together evocative descriptions, history and myth (including flowers and festivals) with his personal reminisceneces. No traveller to Greece or admirer of the genius of Durrell should miss it.

‘He has been everywhere, and like Odysseus, has done and suffered much, including harrowinf adventures during the last war. His decor is prismatic and it is always the setting for a fascinating cast of actors . . . all remembered with affection.’ Stewart Perowne, The Times

‘His “mind’s harbour” is luminous with treasures sunk deep, but never lost, under clear Mediterranean memory. . . Durrell has been everywhere, and he is as generous with tips as he cheeky with anecdote. The text is spangled with vitality’.

Frederic Raphael, Sunday Times



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